Rare Habitat and Species Assessment

Bog Turtle HabitatEvans Associates biologists are experienced in identifying the rare habitats that occur in southeastern New York and Connecticut.  In many instances rare species are associated with rare or unique habitats.  

The rare species assessments start by contacting the New York Natural Heritage Program (NY NHP) as well as the United States Fish & Wildlife Service (US F&WS) for any known records of legally protected or regionally rare species on, or in the vicinity of, the site.

If there records of known occurrences of rare species on, or in the vicinity of a site, the habitat requirements of the species are determined and field Rattlesnakeassessments are conducted by Evans Associates biologists to determine the potential presence or probable absence of the species.  Also, if required Evans Associates has access to several regional experts on specific species (e.g., timber rattlesnake, Indiana bat).




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