Wetlands Mitigation Design

Preparation of a wetlands mitigation plan is typically required as part of the approval of a wetlands permit.  Evans Associates landscape architects and engineers have considerable expertise in preparing wetlands mitigation plans that are acceptable to the various approval agencies. 

Appropriate wetland and/or wetland buffer mitigation areas on a site are first identified in the field.  The wetlands mitigation planting plan is then prepared choosing the appropriate native species for the anticipated hydrologic conditions as well as the type of soils present and sun exposure. 

A mitigation monitoring and maintenance plan is also prepared to assure the success of the mitigation plan and the ongoing survival of the plants for the required monitoring period. 

Wetland creation

This is a critical process, closely monitored and valued by government and by the public. Seeing a carefully thought out mitigation and protection placement during construction speaks volumes for a project.


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