Construction Monitoring

Monitoring during the construction phases of a project is essential both for protecting the neighboring environment and for meeting the permit obligations. Under the SPDES General Permit, and many municipalities require as a condition of approval for land construction activities the monitoring of the effectiveness of erosion and sediment control measures. 

Evans Associates can provide you with the supervision and monitoring of project construction and the installed erosion and sediment control measures in order to meet the requirements of the municipal, state and federal governments.  silt fence in situConstruction monitoring comprises an important part of the responsibilities of Evans Associates staff. Working with both the private and public sector, EAEC provides field inspection and consultation at construction sites, as well as long-term monitoring of completed projects.  In reviewing the on-going construction, we offer cost-effective recommendations to your contractor to help ensure you meet the federal and state mandates.

In the photo above, silt fence has been placed around the perimeter of an existing pond and wetland to prevent sediment transport which would degrade the water quality.

Monitoring includes determining the condition of the silt fence to ensure it is functioning properly, and recommending maintenance as needed.

Silt fenceHere, straw bales inside the silt fence, give stronger protection on a steep slope. 



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