Pond Health Assessment and Restoration Plans

After time without proper maintenance, the water quality, water depth and aesthetic value of many older small, man-made ponds diminishes.  The result is an unappealing shallow, green puddle during the summer months at a time when the pond should be enjoyed. 

PondEvans Associates is experienced in assessing the potential problems associated with ponds, making recommendations to solve the problems and if need be overseeing implementation of a restoration plan. 

The first step is to document the existing conditions of the pond in the field by measuring water depth, sediment depth, water quality, the species of aquatic plants and the usage of the pond by animals.  The size of the pond watershed as well as land use in the watershed are evaluated in the office using available topographic mapping and aerial photography. 

A report is then prepared summarizing the existing conditions of the pond and providing recommendations as to how to improve the health and aesthetic value of the pond.  If the restoration measures (e.g., dredging) that are to be undertaken require obtaining a permit Evans Associates can prepare the application to the approving agency.  Evans Associates can also oversee the implementation of the restoration plan.

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