Site Plan Preparation

Evans Associates prepares site plans for submission to the regulatory agencies, such as Planning Boards, in order to obtain the needed permits to build.  Site plans typically consist of the layout and location of the improvements to the property for use by the contractor, the grading of the site, as well as the design of the utilities to serve the house or building. 

Comprehensive erosion and sediment control plans are usually required so that during construction, the impacts to neighboring properties will be minimized.  Construction details are also provided both for regulatory agency review during the approvals process so that the contractor builds the project in accordance with the plans.

In today‚Äôs regulatory environment, the control of the quantity and quality of runoff is often required.  Stormwater management may take the form of innovative low impact development amenities, such as rain gardens and bioretention areas, subsurface treatment in recharger chambers, or in surface basins.  We have the expertise to prepare site plans, including the design of stormwater management facilities to meet the regulatory requirements while maximizing the usable area on the property. 

In those locations where a public sanitary sewer are not available, it is necessary to construct or modify an existing septic system.  Evans Associates prepares the comprehensive plans for septic systems, as well as testing of the soils for septic system suitability.


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