Preparation of Stormwater Management Plans

Evans Associates has provided our clients with stormwater management facilities and created stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs) in order to comply with current municipal, state and federal regulations. 

With our expertise in landscape architecture and civil engineering, we create ways to handle runoff that will add both beauty and functionality to a site, while meeting current regulations.  Stormwater management facilities which address stormwater quantity and quality issues are particularly important in light of the recent regulatory focus on non-point sources of runoff.  

We have significant experience in the design cost-effective stormwater management solutions that protect the environment, meet the regulations and work with the land use of the property.  Our staff has participated in professional workshops and courses to stay current with the latest technology and regulations.

Stormwater basinIn this photo, a newly created biofilter basin is ready for planting with native trees, shrubs and herbaceous species.

A standpipe piezometer has been installed in the floor of the basin to monitor the water table during the year, thereby assuring that the hydrologic conditions at this site will support the wetland plant materials proposed for the basin.


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